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Our continued economic decline and State budget problems are indicators that California’s regulatory and business climate are broken. 

I’ll fight for real solutions that get our State back on track.  These include:

Revitalize our Economy
I’ll work to repeal high taxes and heavy regulations that have earned California the reputation as unfriendly to business and job growth.  When Pete Wilson was Governor, I helped him identify and repeal over three thousand anti-business, anti-job regulations.  In the Assembly, that’s what I’ll fight to do.

Stop Runaway Government Spending
I’ll fight for a real spending cap that stops the overspending in Sacramento.  I’ll also fight to balance the State’s budget by stripping away useless and unproductive programs.  Every program must have a top-to-bottom audit, and those that are ineffective and unneeded must be immediately ended.

Protect California Taxpayers
I oppose raising taxes.  Period.  We already pay enough taxes in this State, and we have enough revenues to accomplish what we need.  Instead, I’ll fight for a streamlined government that is lean, efficient, and effective.

Preserve Proposition 13
I believe in Proposition 13’s property tax protections, and I’ll fight to keep these protections in place.  Every year, the liberals in Sacramento consider how they can end Proposition 13’s property tax limits.  I won’t let that happen.

Upgrade Education
Good public education should not be a partisan issue.  I believe our schools must focus on math and technology and other basic fundamentals.  I’ll work to upgrade class rooms and ensure schools have the local freedom, and local dollars, to deliver cutting edge training in math, the sciences, reading, history and basics.  We must ensure our children are prepared to compete in the global market place.

End Illegal Immigration
I’m an immigrant who came through the system in the right way.  I deeply appreciate the opportunity, and I am grateful for this Nation.  I believe all immigrants must obey our laws and come to America through the proper channels.  I will work for a real border fence that protects our southern border.  And, I will oppose attempts to give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Reinvest in Infrastructure
We cannot compete globally if we do not have a healthy infrastructure.  We are Californians, and we should look to cutting edge technology to meet our needs.  I will focus California on investing in technologies like desalinization plants to solve our water problems, and nuclear power plants to provide for our energy needs.  Lets bring California into the 21st Century and rededicate ourselves to competing globally.

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